Stockholms Aikidoklubb

Aikidoläger – Aikido Seminars

29th September – 1st October 2017


Pat Hendricks Shihan 7 dan

Pat Hendricks Shihan 7 dan

Pat Hendricks comes back to teach in Stockholm. Vi warmly welcome anyone who wishes to share this expercience of having Pat as a instructor. She is a proficient and generous teacher. Pat is one of Saito Senseis foremost students and runs her dojo, Aikido of San Leandro in San Francisco. Welcome!

Exclusive Seminar on the 29th of September to the 1st of October 2017 in Stockholm at Stockholm Aikido Club. Rosenlundsgatan 54, K1.

Limited number of participants.
Maximum number of participants are 30.

We promise you an intensive weekend of Aikido practise.

Early Bird Fee 1200 SEK / Signing up

Guarantees you a spot on the seminar. The only way to sign up for the seminar is to pay your Early Bird Fee.
Single day fee is not an option.

How do you register and pay?
Swedish plusgiro  836 1327-3 (Stockholm Aikido Club). Pay the full amount and remember to leave your name and also write; Pat Hendricks Seminar 2017. Note! Check our web site for the attendee count before paying in case the seminar is full.

Sleeping accommodations

Stay over in the dojo is free of charge but must be announced when registering.

Coming from abroad?
Questions regarding payment, stay over etc?
Contact us directly at or phone +46-8-7206796.


16.00-16.45 Registration
17.00-18.00 Buki Waza – Bokken
18.15-19.15 Tai Jutsu – Kaeshi Waza
19.30-20.30 Buki Waza – Tanto Dori

08.00-09.00 Buki Waza – Bokken
09.15-10.15 Tai Jutsu – Henka Waza
10.30-11.30 Tai Jutsu – Jiyu Waza
11.30-13.15 LUNCH, We supply coffee, tea and fruit.
13.15-14.15 Buki Waza – Bokken
14-30-15.30 Tai Jutsu – Randori
15.45-16.45 Buki Waza – Tachi Dori

19.00-23.30 PARTY IN THE DOJO
Drinks, Snacks and Music
23.30-00.00 Clean up!

08.00-09.00 Buki Waza – Kumi Jo
09.15-10.15 Buki Waza – Kumi Jo
10.30-11.30 Tai Jutsu – Kaeshi Waza
11.30-13.15 LUNCH, We supply coffee, tea and fruit.
13.15-14.15 Buki Waza – Jo Dori
14.30-15.30 Buki Waza – Jo Nage

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